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Most jewelry appraisers have some training in gemology and general jewelry making knowledge and techniques.

They focus in analyzing the quality of the gemstones according to color, clarity and quality of the cut.

They review the way the stones have been set and how the general piece was fabricated.

After carefully examining a piece of jewelry, an appraiser then determines its wholesale, retail and insurance values.

They determine the price based on the information they gather as to the making and provenance of the piece.

They also have ample knowledge of the current metals and gemstone market value.

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Education and Training Requirements

Generally, training and experience are gained by working as assistants to specialists in retail stores, galleries, and auction houses. An appraiser usually has the following education and training:

A formal gemological education from an accredited gemological association

Training in the principles of valuation

Training in evaluating various manufacturing methods

Experience in the buying and selling of jewelry

Knowledge of various levels of value and how they affect the market from source to consumer

Knowledge of current wholesale and retail pricing on gemstones, metals, jewelry and watches

Knowledge of actual sales prices with access to verifiable data

A complete gemological laboratory and reference library

The American gem society bestows the titles “Certified Gemologist, Certified Gemologist Appraiser and Independent Certified Gemologist Appraiser” to AGS members who have gemology diplomas and complete a rigorous certification process.

In addition, AGS Title holders must pass an annual re-certification exam based on the level of their title. The AGS offers the course material necessary to provide members with educational credentials known as American Gem Society titles and designations, the Society offers a variety of continuing education to professionals in the jewelry industry and individuals with an interest in gemology and jewelry appraising.

Continuing education is important in order to stay up to date on the requirements of the industry. The associations also offer continuing education courses.

The Gemological Institute of America offers a six-month training program leading to a diploma in diamonds and colored stones. They also offer complete courses in jewelry making and design.

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